What About Insurance?

I don’t take insurance because I believe in private healthcare with time for you. Doctors who depend on health insurance plans are forced to keep appointments short, and to limit patients to one or two topics per visit.

Those of us who practice individualized medicine take the time to evaluate all components in our patient’s lives. We take the time to understand the connection between the mind, body and spirit, so we can see how problems in one area translate to problems in the entire system. Taking the time to listen to the whole patient, to develop comprehensive health plans, and to address both acute symptoms and long-term goals, results in improved health outcomes. Since my practice is patient-centered, I require more time with each patient.

If you have insurance, we’ll provide you with an itemized invoice. Depending upon your insurance plan, you may be able to apply the bill against your deductible, receive partial reimbursement, or charge it to a Health-Savings Account.

When surveyed about this kind of medical practice, patients agree: “It’s a lot more practical, a lot less expensive, and what’s important to me is getting better and staying well!”