Laurie Thomas, MD

A Family Physician dedicated to offering Personalized Health Care with Time for You

Personalized Health Care
Medical practice is the art of listening.
I want to learn what’s ailing you, but also what’s important to you.  Only by listening
can I understand your individual values and incorporate them into our treatment plan.
My goal is to reach an optimal outcome for all of you – your mind, body and spirit.

Time for You
YOU decide how long your appointment is. Part of taking time for you also means making it easy to reach me. My practice phone number, 520-400-8223, is my cell phone.  I make house calls – because sometimes it’s just easier for the doctor to come to the patient, than for the patient to come to the doctor. Doctors who depend on health insurance are forced to keep appointments short and limit patients to one or two topics per visit.
In order to spend more with my patients, I don’t take health insurance.

It’s estimated that 1 in 13 patients will have their records stolen
after a healthcare provider data breach.
I don’t keep any patient information online,
so your health information can never be stolen, or shared with third parties, without your express permission.

My Services
I’ve been in practice in Tucson for 25 years offering primary care for the entire family.
I care for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, stress, and asthma,
and I make sure your preventive care is up to date.
You can often make same-day appointments for urgent care like sore throats or UTIs.
I offer a package of services for your convenience:
–discounted medications for sale in the office
–in-office tests at no extra charge
–discounts on outside lab and radiology services

My Background
Medical School–University of Arizona College of Medicine
Family Medicine Specialty Training–Scottsdale Memorial Hospital
Board Certified in Family Medicine
Former Faculty at the University of Arizona College of Medicine