Has This Ever Happened to You?

“If I’m sick, I need to be seen today, not three weeks from Thursday!”
And “My new doctor’s first available appointment isn’t for three months!” 

Hello, I’m Laurie Thomas, your hometown family doctor. Whether you’re a new patient or have been seeing me for a long time, I will try to see you today if you’re sick. Otherwise, I can usually see you for routine appointments within a week.

“The doctor spends 5 minutes with me, then he’s out the door!”

How much time would you like to spend? It’s up to you.

I can never get through to my doctor on the phone!” “My doctor’s office never returns my calls!”

You can reach me easily by phone, 24/7. My office phone number, 400-8223, is my cell phone. If I don’t answer, I’m with a patient or on the phone with a patient. Leave a voicemail. I’ll call you back.

“The doctor spent the entire appointment typing on the computer. Never even looked at me.”

I don’t have computerized medical records.

“I had a cat scan last year, but I never heard the results. It must be OK, because I would’ve heard by now if there was a problem. Right?”

This is one of the scariest things I hear from patients. Always call for test results. Keep calling until you get them. Never assume a test was normal  just because you haven’t heard anything. If you don’t get results in a reasonable time, assume they are lost. Yes, it can happen. And sometimes bad news gets lost.

“My insurance changed, and my doctor is not on my new plan. I have to find a new doctor.” “The doctor I’ve had for years stopped taking my insurance. I have to find a new one. Again.”

Since I don’t deal with insurance, my patients will never be forced to find a new doctor.

“My doctor doesn’t really listen to me.”

Doctors who take insurance have to keep their appointments short and see a lot of people every day. No wonder they don’t listen. They don’t have time. Most of the art of medicine is in the art of listening. Since I don’t take insurance, I have the time to listen.

Think about what you are looking for in a doctor. My goal is to deliver modern medicine with old fashioned care. If you are looking for more personal healthcare, ask yourself if Dr Laurie Thomas may be right for you!

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