What I offer: Primary care that people say they can’t get anymore

“I can never get through to my doctor on the phone.”  

“They never return my calls.”

  • You can reach me easily by phone. 24/7.
  • My office phone number, 400-8223, is my cell phone.  How many family physicians give you their cell phone number?
  • If I don’t answer, I am with a patient or on the phone with a patient (or in the shower) (or driving). Leave a voicemail. I will call you back.

“If I’m sick, I need to be seen today, not three weeks from Thursday.”  

“For a new patient, their first available appointment is in three months.”

  • Whether you are a new patient or have been seeing me for a long time, I will try to get you in today if you are sick.
  • Affordable urgent care with no waiting.

“The doctor spent the entire appointment typing on the computer.  Never even looked at me.”

  • I don’t have computerized medical records.

“The doctor spends 5 minutes with me, then he’s out the door.”

  • How much time would you like to spend with me? It’s up to you.

“My previous doctor didn’t really listen to me.”

  • Most of the art of medicine is in the art of listening.  
  • Doctors who take insurance have to keep their appointments short and see a lot of people every day. No wonder they don’t listen. They don’t have time.

“I had a cat scan last year, but I never heard the results.  It must be OK, because I would’ve heard by now if there was a problem. Right?”

  • This is the scariest thing I hear from patients. Always call for test results.
  • Keep calling until you get them.
  • Never assume a test was normal just because you haven’t heard anything.
  • If you don’t get results in a reasonable amount of time, assume they are lost.   Yes, it can happen. Sometimes bad news gets lost.

“My insurance changed, and my doctor is not on my new plan. I have to find a new doctor.”

“The doctor I’ve had for years stopped taking my insurance.”

  • Since I don’t deal with insurance, these will never be problems for my patients.

Think about what you are looking for in a doctor. My goal is to deliver modern medicine with old fashioned care.

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